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Sex Dating Sites in New Zealand – Top 10 NZ Dating Sites

In New Zealand, you will not find racial mixture like in the United States and Canada. All body shapes and skin colors are similar, which differs from the Latin American countries.

So, we can say if you’d like to go on a date with a Kiwi girl, be aware that you will only find Caucasians, just like in Australia. However, New Zealand is said to have some hidden gems.

Like in many places, if you’re using dating apps for meeting people in this country, you must be careful of scams. With time, you will learn how to identify fake profiles. Now, there are many people in NZ who are utilizing dating apps.

The best way to approach Kiwis is by choosing the people you think you have more possibilities to click with. In NZ, it is rare when users reveal many details about their lives in their newsfeeds but they absolutely love posting pictures.

In general, New Zealanders find online dating pleasant, convenient, and a fun way to meet others. Recently, they’ve leant towards interacting through NZ dating sites for free as they’re considered more convenient and comfortable for flirting than normal offline channels.

In this article, we are going through the dating sites NZ for finding love and casual relationships.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the top site for finding casual sex in NZ. It tops the list of the dating sites NZ.

Adult Friend Finder

Its success ratio is due to its search algorithm. The website seems wordy but clear and understandable. People don’t have problems navigating because it is very well-designed. It is mostly used by adults who want casual relationships.

Adult Friend Finder goes further by providing opportunities for dating couples. Kiwi men enter this site in the hopes they find couples. The downside is that the majority of members are guys, and datable women are hard to find.

Despite this, most NZ visitors enjoy this site because it is very active and people are always sharing content. Adult Friend Finder allows you to publish videos, blogs or go live-stream also. Both men and women are very open to posting pornographic content.

As for the member structures, as you already know most of users are men who are bisexual in its entirety. 20% of NZ members are women. This is a place for finding somebody interested in threesome and orgies.

Together with Adult Friend Finder, NoStringAttached is one of the most popular free dating sites NZ. It is popular thanks to its resemblance to other affair sites such as Passion and Get IT ON. New Zealanders love affair sites that prevent them from getting caught.

No Strings Attached

So, No String Attached aims to help both men and women cheat on their partnerships. They’re committed to do it very discreetly. The platform also aims to provide cybersex, which is a good to fulfill sexual fantasies with an unknown girl.

No String Attached is great for people who have dirty secrets.

Creating a profile with this site is very simple as it only requires submitting personal data and a selfie. It is very important that you upload of pic of yourself to complete the profile. As this is an affair site, taken and relationship statuses don’t matter.

On this website, women tend to be more active than men, and are always posting porn content at all times. On NSA, the matchmaking system takes other aspects into consideration such as the hair color, race, and blood type.

Ashley Madison

When we speak of Ashley Madison, we’re not referring to one of the top dating sites NZ that offer an atypical service. It was created in 2001 with the aim to connect people that are committed but are looking for extra-marital relationships. In layman’s terms, AM is intended only for affairs.

Ashley Madison

So, if you’re in New Zealand, you use this site for cheating or jerking off when chilling. AM is also great for finding friends with benefits. Viewing this from another perspective, the website is for everybody, including singles who like people with relationships.

It may be, however, harder to find people to date in this country. If you want an affair, you would need a 20-year-old or perhaps a 30-year-old that is not taken but seeking casual sex. This is thoroughly possible with the webcam models that are on the website.

AM is a globally operated affair site with millions of members, with the same reputation of Adult Friend Finder.

New Zealanders find local dating more suitable, so they can meet locals from the immense membership pool that is continuously active.


OkCupid is an app available for everybody who has a desktop, an Android or an iOS smartphone. The sign-up process comes with a lofty promise that suits most young New Zealanders: “You’re about to go on better dates”.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

OKCupid offers three ways to register with the site. The first one will ask you to link the account to your Facebook profile, while the others require a phone number and a valid email. However, this method doesn’t smother scammers.

OKCupid is like other swipe apps you may find on the internet, except that it has stepped up security to make sure scammers are curbed on the site. To complete registration, you need to complete a CAPCHA.

Although people from New Zealand don’t like writing lengthy biographies, they don’t find it irritating to take personality tests. Through these questionnaires, OKCupid collects information about lifestyle, religion, and other topics to improve compatibility.

Be2 is another courting site that includes a personality test as part of the registration. In the questionnaire, you describe physically and psychologically how you would like your partner, so Be2  can give you recommendations.


Be2 is a NZ dating site that caters to casual daters and individuals with marriage plans but are not easily accessed. All profiles are private and offer the option to block pictures to some users.

Finding love in NZ is tricky because the population is spread unevenly across the country and long distances are also a problem. Nonetheless, Be2 has helped New Zealanders very much in recent years.

Many of BE2 members are from regions like Wellington, Touranga, and Christchurch, which are some of the most populous cities. Therefore, entering the actual location and age is of relevance when dating online in New Zealand.

Be2 is not a hookup site. They aim to connect people who want true love and a meaningful thing. forms part of free New Zealand dating sites that have top security. They make you a top member if you find a lot of dates from the site. It is a great website for dating cougars and older women.


Findsomeone verifies each profile step by step. At the present time, it has over 400,000+, which is a big number for a dating platform based in New Zealand. Since then, it has been revolutionizing the dating industry for 14+ years.

To leverage all features of the site, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium. The interface of Findsomeone is very user-friendly and allows joining with the Facebook account. It is a website dedicated to local dating, so there are not people from other countries.

The drawback is that other people can see without registering. If you want to try, click on Search Kiwi, and you will be redirected to a webpage full of Gold members. The preview of each profile contains the name, location, age, and the number of pictures uploaded.

NZ Dating

NZ Dating is on the top of 100 free dating sites NZ with the largest communities. The site portrays photo personals, forums, chat rooms, profile searches, and event lists. The registration is free but if you want to chat, you need an account upgrade.

Naturally, Gold Members are the users with most visits. NZ Dating is a very old courting platform that has never backed off to rivals like eHarmony and RSVP.

This website works as a social network that connects only people from New Zealand. This is, maybe, one of the most attractive features of NZ Dating.

The bummer is that you can start searching users without creating a profile as well. To browse profiles without a membership, click on search Kiwis, and that’s it. All photos are blocked to people who haven’t joined NZdating.

NZ Dating provides several alternatives to search, some of which are: Full search, Swipe match, Who’s online, and Perfect match. If you want to get more insights, you will need to sign up, obviously.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is deemed the best dating sites NZ when it comes to serious relationships. On Elite Singles, the majorities of members are around 30-55 years, are highly educated, and have a professional background.


Elite Singles has a matchmaking system that focused on quality rather than quantity. This platform deletes members that are not interested in long-term relationships. Fake and inactive profiles with old pictures that haven’t updated are filtered out.

To join Elite Singles, you need to complete your profile with information about yourself and a profile picture. The website recommends uploading more than a single picture and being creative since the beginning.

The personality test is a norm on most dating sites operating in New Zealand. This time, you need to answer 200 questions to complete Elite Singles registration. It is OK if you don’t do it fully, but be aware that your profile will not be comprehensive enough.

After you finish your test, proceed to enter the search criteria which consist in specifying what things you desired in your partner to finally start receiving proposals. is a great place for finding friends and flirting. It is a renowned service that uses a unique tested formula to bring people together. Match operates internationally, and has roughly 500,000 Kiwis registered. Reviews | 100% Free Trial

Match IM is impressive and is very useful for flirting, but not totally free. Match profiles are robust and very informative. The search system is fairly flexible and is regularly updated to help find more matches.

NZ Match has a free trial that allows browsing through profiles for free, but it doesn’t give you the possibility to chat in private. Despite this, it has a high success ration estimated in 2 replies per every 10 requests, which equals to 21 conversations of 100 matches.

Surprisingly, there are more women than men here. Its 500 user base makes it an ideal place for interacting with many types of women. It likewise provides an array of flirting tools that work perfectly on that traditional format it has always had.

Unlike other dating services, Match does make it possible to meet people from other countries.


eHarmony is another website that connects people globally. It was created for serious relationships, which suit this country considering the average age range in it. It has a compatibility system that decides for you according to the personality test.


eHarmony can be used by Kiwis who would like to meet people from other countries of the world. Due to the difficulty to find love in NZ, eHarmony implements innovative methods to find a partner independently from the long distances and demography.

The search system is based on a scientific research that shows relevant and potential models for its users. Eharmony allows reviewing profiles across 29 different dimensions, most of which are from Auckland, in the case of New Zealand.

eHarmony is a website that’s gained reputation in NZ but it is important to remark there are still many Kiwis who question its functionality. eHarmony is the major competitor of Tinder.

Just for the record, eHarmony aims to find serious relationships between heterosexuals but homosexuals are not excluded from this platform.

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