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9 Best Christian Gay Dating Sites & Apps

If finding the perfect gay dating sites is just a challenge, imagine finding a good and well-rounded Christian gay dating site. If you do your research, you cop onto the fact most of these sites that may be suitable for Christian gays are actually not focused on them.

This leads us to think there are just a handful of destinations on which the gay community who believes in the Christian God can look for same-sex arrangements. However, most Christian gays are not open-minded; they prefer discretion. They drift away from pornography.

This is the main reason Christians prefer dating apps to dating sites. The difference is dating apps usually ban grown-up content, while porn websites don’t. Aside from that, it is easier for them to find a date and consider these options more reliable. 

Furthermore, most gay dating apps are actually thought for gays and not for the general public. The registration cost is very low or is non-existent, so Christian gays can join and chat for free. Yet, there are plenty of gays and limit themselves to sexting.

These are the top 9 Christian gay dating sites and apps that are a must-try.

Top 9 Christian Gay Dating Sites & Apps 

  1. Gayfriendfinder – Meet Gay friends
  2. Adultfriendfinder  –  Find Adult Gay Singles 
  3. – Meet Gay Men for Dates
  4. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  5. Okcupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  6. Scruff – Top rated LGBTQ app
  7. Grindr – Social Networking App for Gay
  8. Growlr – App for Gay Bears
  9. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App


GayFriendFinder serves as a second version of Adult Friend Finder but without such popularity. GayFriendFinder is a site that once garnered thousands of new visits per day but not any longer. Despite this, it is still one of the favorites of Christian men.

Gay Friend Finder is a hookup site used by Christian gays who look for sexting and photo-trading. If you live in the United States, this site can work to have a face-to-face date, as most members reside in that country. Gay Friend Finder has over 40 million gays, however, the number of Christian gays on it is uncertain. 

While Gay Friend Finder is supposedly geared towards guys, the truth is there are also girls, or actually girls who seek male friends. It is well known women make friends with gays as they find them more trustworthy and less prone to betray than females. 

The site is paid, but rates are significantly low compared to those of Adult Friend Finder. 


  • Suited for casual dates.
  • There are over 2 million Christian men that visit the site but haven’t come out of the closet yet. 
  • The user age ranges from 25 to 36, meaning most gays are mature. 
  • Low rates. 
  • The greater part of gays are also members of elite Singles, which is focused on serious commitments. 
  • User-friendly. Tabs are in the right position and the information is clear.


  • The site seems empty. Members report many people have left it.
  • The interface of the site looks outdated.
  • Most singles are based in US. 
  • Not a good venue to find love.

Adult Friend Finder 

Adult Friend Finder is a porn hookup site created for gays and straight people who are open-minded. This site does not sound like the best for Christian gays, however, it does the trick for Christians who do not take their religion seriously. There’s explicit content all over. 

Adult Friend Finder encourages all types of relationships, including poly relationships and couple swapping. If you are Christian, you can find hot dates or webcams. Most Christian gays enter Adult Friend Finder because it keeps them from personal encounters.

If you are not a person who likes pornographic content, you can use the forums for free. AFF hosts a variety of forums, through which gays and straight individuals share ideas about sexual trends. Some forums are not about sex only, though. 


  • Ideal to find friends. AFF has people who do not think only about sex. 
  • There are a wealth of options for communicating. Chats, forums, and webcams. 
  • Nice and comprehensive profiles. Some contain a plethora of videos, blogs, and videos.
  • It contains Christian gay blogs. Take your time and read other Christian gay experiences. 
  • Great for photo trading via private chat. 
  • This is an NSA platform, a sex finder of the biggest in the business.
  • The age range of users is 30-50 years.
  • Pastors and ministers can partake on the site without their spouses’ realizing. The site features anonymous browsing. 
  • The number of middle-aged Christian couples is increasing. 


  • Christians may feel sensitive to the site content. Definitely not among the defined gay Christian dating sites. 
  • Everything has a cost on AFF. 
  • The layout looks of the old school. 

Outpersonals is a hookup portal dedicated to a wider audience, including straight, homosexual, and religious guests. Outpersonals often receives a swarm of gay and bisexual visitors that share something in common: they are Christian and attend non-radical churches.

Outpersonal is very similar to Adult Friend Finder in terms of longevity. It displays nudes, contains videos uploaded by members, and contacting features are only for members with a paid subscription. Its popularity hit the ceiling long time ago, and its user base has grown no more. 

The site is home to over 10 million daters worldwide, most of which are located in the United States. It is a great destination for gays who do not seek a personal encounter but a hot chat and fun. It is more discreet than other sites.


  • It is a BDSM platform. 
  • There are many forums and chats. 
  • Most users are in their 30s and 40s. The age when people are not sexually confused anymore. 
  • Chats are fast and have no bugs. They work similarly to the former Pepperonity chat.  
  • The registration is easy and the profile setup is not time-consuming. It only asks for basic data. 
  • Users can share steamy content, including stories.


  • The interface hasn’t changed in a decade.
  • The site portrays an array of links without description. The Outpersonals’ design is poor. 
  • Contacting features require payment. 
    Most of the user pool lives in the States.


Mennation is a hookup site that leaves a larger number of communication options for users to use at no cost. Unlike other dating sites that are more dedicated to chats and webcams, Mennation strives to provide dates with locals. It is be translated in 6 languages. 

Mennation is also among the free gay christian dating siteswith most grown-up materials. Users are free to publish private pictures and videos. They can share them via private messages also. The age bracket on this platform is the same as AFF and Outpersonals, but young members are more abundant and easier to bump into. 

The site is packed with profiles that are thoroughly empty. It features bots and bogus profiles, which are not recommended to contact or chat with. Mennation is getting a considerable big number of Christian visitors from states like Alabama and San Francisco. Most of the membership base is in the United States.

Mennation is likewise patronized by Christian Asian gays. Aside from the Christian gays that live in America, it is simple to touch base with gays that are from the Philippines and Myanmar.  


  • Nice and more organized interface. 
  • You’re free to post nudes and hot content like videos. 
  • Christians are easier to find, in fact, they are responsive. 
  • Mennation is only concentrated on men, like its name suggests. 
  • It houses 80 million profiles. 
  • Registration shouldn’t be a hindrance to be part of the community. It only takes a couple of minutes. 


  • Everything requires payment. The IM remains blocked for free members. 
  • It has no app like the majority of sites of this nature.


Of the sites reviewed in this blog, OkCupid is the only website that is oriented to the general audience. OkCupid has a huge database that comprises straight, gay, and bisexual men, yet, it is home to millions of women.

Despite this, OkCupid has spread its world view by accepting all genders. The portal is accepting not only of gays but also bisexuals, pansexuals, TS, and TG. So, it has turned into a site that gives full supports to the LGBTQ community.

Opposed to other sites, OkCupid is cost-free, or at least, it contains contacting features that are limited but free. You can use IM without paying and browse profiles without restriction. Christian gays feel comfortable in this place, although it is not a fully gay dating platform. 

The community is also a point to remark. The age gap of members is much narrower.


  • This is a free site. The communication features have no price tags, but you cannot send unlimited messages.
  • Great to meet young gay Christian church leaders. 
  • The site houses users worldwide, not only from the United States.
  • It can be used for any purpose; friendship or whatever. 
  • May be a better fit for more conservative
  • Christians because it shows no porn. 
    OkCupid is trustworthy. Maybe as trusthy as Tinder. 


  • You are not free to post the content you want. 
  • The option to visualize members that show interest is unavailable for those with a free account. 

Gay dating Apps


Scruff is a dating app that has gained trustworthiness due to its low rate of catfish. It acts as a social network, and most of its features are at hand at no cost. Consequently, there’s a lot of activity on the app, which makes it difficult to get bored on it. 

Scruff can be the most discreet gay dating app by far. It doesn’t allow its members to post half-naked pictures, indeed, it is not allowed to upload photos with shorts on or showing cleavage. This was permitted years ago, but Scruff changed their content policies because of Google Play.

That’s why Scruff is recommended for Christians to use. Most Christians are not willing to indulge in pornography. 

As a bonus, the program is angled to the LGBTQ community, which signifies it welcomes all genders. It gives the chance to talk with transsexual and TG women and guys. Besides, it has no fake profiles. 


  • It is an app for the LGBTQi+ community. 
  • The layout looks juvenile, pretty trendy. 
  • All contacting features are free of charge. 
  • Most Christian gays are old enough to be of two minds regarding their sexual identity.
    Few bots.
  • Their security system is quick to get rid of scammers. 
  • Signup process and profile completion are straightforward processes. 


  • The larger part of the membership base is from the United States. 
  • Profiles are public. You can see who’s on Scruff even without an account.


Grindr is probably the most popular dating app for homosexual men with 228 million users around the globe. Grindr is not a venue for males only, but a place where women can have encounters. Something noteworthy is this site is not limited to servicing women and guys exclusively, but it covers all existing genders. 

Grindr is free and charges no fees to chat. Of the universe of 220 million users on the app, around 10 million identify as Christian. Besides, there are few straight folks on the app. It is merely a LGTBQ community. 

Although this software prevents its users from posting porn, 20 million photos are uploaded daily. This makes it convenient for Christian groups. 


  • It is free to chat.
  • It is targeted at the LGBTQ groups.
  • The site is very populous. It is very difficult not to strike a conversation on it.
  • You can divulge as much personal information as you want. You are not forced to post a photo with a smiling face. 
  • You can sign up and log in through Facebook. 


  • The only thing you can’t do as a free member is to watch streamers. 
  • Strangely enough, it is not a choice to find long-haul relationships. Most members are more focused on short-term commitments or hookups. 
  • Some use this app to trick people and coin them out of their money. Remember, the app does not verify profile pictures at all.


Growlr is an atypical gay dating site, which caters to bears or hairy men. The app prioritizes bears of all ages, although, it is more common to see middle-aged dudes. For this reason, most Christians on Growlr are church leaders or the way round, men who believe in God but do not go to church.

This destination is also a free option. Growlr is a gay Christian dating app that allows its users to have fun by sharing nudes and videos in private. Yet, not all is good on Growlr. You won’t be able to access the app on a desktop.

The other advantage is there are no women. Whenever you log in, you’ll see chubby men with hair on their chest like real bears are. 

Moving forward, the app has people only from the United States, or that’s what it seems to be. Over 50% of the crowd is from that place. 


  • Growlr supports BDSM portal.
  • Most users are real bears, not men in disguise.
  • The greater part of the Christian membership base is made up of mature guys with a job and college background. 
  • It is free to use. You can message others hassle-free and share photos as well. 
  • Men prevail on the site, although some females enter to see hairy guys. 
  • It uses GPS to spot nearby members.


  • Tough to meet members out of North America. 
  • You cannot link your Growlr account to Facebook.


When it comes to modern online dating, Tinder has definitely changed everything. In the past, we used to view profiles by clicking on them or sending winks. But Tinder has incorporated a new swipe feature that makes all this easier.

Tinder is a social network that targets anybody who’s looking for singles. And while it can be seen as a social network for all kinds of audiences, it is widely used as a hookup site, where one meets people and has one-night stands. But is it handy for Christian gay males? Of course, it is. 

Tinder is appropriate for Christian gays because of its huge user base, which is bigger than that of Adult Friend Finder. Tinder welcomes anybody and hosts a mixed database of straight, gay, and bi-curious fellows. 

The software doesn’t encourage explicit content. Therefore, Christian gays can use it safely without the risk of visualizing stuff they don’t want. Plus, most participants are young, albeit not marriage-minded. 


  • It is completely free.
  • It comes with a swipe feature that is swifter to find matches. 
  • The program runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices.
  • Many Christian gays join in everyday. 
    Ideal for churchgoers that are slightly conservative. 
  • Gives the possibility to meet and date Catholicism, Mormonism, and Protestantism followers.
  • The age bracket is low enough as to hunt for marriage.
  • Legit profiles. 


  • The site is switching to a more explicit mode.
  • People are transforming into a hookup app.
    Tinder was not created for gays uniquely. 
    Vague profiles.

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