9 Best Senior Gay Dating Sites & Apps

Dating is something crazy and now more with the surge of more gay matchmakers. These sites offer a variety of services for gays, so they can find their soul mates or somebody to hang out with. In the past, there was too much bias regarding senior dating. Now with the normalization, young men look for older guys seamlessly. 

While some sites provide the best dating services for a monthly fee, others promote perks for free. Today, you are likely to meet senior gays on a paid site or on a free one, since the latter has incorporated more functions. 

Even platforms that are not exclusive for gays are also competing with those that are. Some have chats and unique features at a low price. An example of this is Adult Friend Finder, which caters to gays, straight fellows and bisexual people. 

These are the best gay dating sites for seniors. Read on.

Top 9 Gay Senior Dating Sites & Apps 

  1. Gayfriendfinder – Meet Gay friends
  2. Adultfriendfinder  –  Find Adult Gay Singles 
  3. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  4. Senior Sizzle – Meet the Hottest Gay Seniors
  5. Silver Singles – 50+ Dating Site 
  6. OkCupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  7. Bumble – People Date, Find Friends
  8. eHarmony – Best Dating Website
  9. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App

Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder is not the best site for seniors but can help old men meet buddies that are young. Gay Friend Finder is like the LGBTQ version of Adult Friend Finder, except it has a smaller user base. Gay Friend Finder is paid, but this should not be a problem for seniors. 

There’s an unassuming but respectable population of old gays on Gay Friend Finder. They are the third or fourth-largest crowd after 44 years, old members. Regarding young gays, they are the most common. Gay Friend Finder is plenty of 20 and 30-year-olds. 

This matchmaker uses geolocation, which increases the chances of meeting local singles. The signup process is easy, but email verification is required to go on. To communicate, you need to be premium. Otherwise, you won’t be able to read your messages or reply. 

But instant messaging is not the only contacting feature. Gay Friend Finder also allows listing members that are interesting. 


  • The opportunity to narrow down your options by creating a Hot List. 
  • There are enough seniors for dating. 
  • Seniors can have a shot to meet younger guys. 
  • Although it has more netizens from the USA, there are gays from Latin America and Asia as well. 
  • Ideal for local dating. 


  • You need to get a paid subscription to chat or send flirts. 
  • You cannot view profiles if you have a free account. You can’t even see your inbox. 
  • The number of men and women is almost equal. 


OkCupid is a free app with robust profiles. A while ago, most contacting features were free, but this has changed. To strike a conversation, you need to be matches. 

OkCupid is a site that promotes inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. It has included new words and pronouns, so users can identify and feel more comfortable. As regards the age of members, young people outnumber old gays.  

Because of this, it is an amazing venue to meet 20-year-old boys. The bummer is it lacks video calls, so you can only chat using text. OkCupid also admits all kinds of relationships. Feel free to hunt for friends, one-night stand or companionship.


  • Most functions are free, but there are restrictions. 
  • The site is ideal for dating young guys.
  • OkCupid welcomes all sexual identities. You can see profiles of older transvestites. 
  • Profiles are solid and detailed. Browse through profiles and read bios.
  • It adds a swipe feature, which is very convenient to find gay seniors. Old guys are more aloof. 
  • Availability for profile customization, but only with a premium subscription.
  • OkCupid is more affordable than Gay Friend Finder and other apps, hence the low age range. 
  • The website has an app.


  • The search tool often fails to deliver accurate results.
  • Meeting individuals over 50 years old can be tricky here. It takes time. This is an app for youngsters. 

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup community for dating gays and homosexual seniors. Although it has more features than many other apps, most remain blocked. Adult Friend Finder is a paid site, which is very diverse and gay-inclusive. 

The portal is home to transvestites, transsexuals, pansexuals, and bisexuals of all ages and walks of life. The largest category hosts 30-year-olds and gays over 40, excluding women and models.

There are also bots, so be careful when using Adult Friend Finder. 

The app is more suited for sexting than local and person-to-person dating. It has many thematic chats and rooms for seniors. Also, Adult Friend Finder comprises forums for discussions at no cost. It has blogs and a wealth of unmentioned sections. 


  • Ideal for mature folks. The user base has a significant number of middle-aged people. 
  • For hookups, flings, one-night stands.
    It lends itself for sexting, virtual sex, cam sex.
  • If you are using a free account, join chats, forums, and blogs to make contact. 
  • It has bots, but it is a legit site. 
  • Great to chat with swingers. Mature same-sex couples are at one’s fingertips. 


  • Fully paid. Only winks can be sent for free. 
  • Finding somebody nearby is not easy. 
  • Too much porn and the impossibility of content censorship.
  • Adult Friend Finder is not intended for serious relationships. Forget it. 


If you were looking for a place for gays of all walks of life and other interests, Mennation is a feasible choice. The site is intended for casual dating and displays very comprehensive profiles. Take your time to input enough personal information to draw in older buddies.

The registration process is straightforward but the profile setup consumes time and is essential. The site has tons of features to meet gay seniors and younger dudes. Mennation is seen as one of the best gay dating sites for seniors, since most guys are over 50. 

The site is pornographic and gives freedom for explicit content sharing. Users are no longer confused about their sexual identities and are hankering for more experiences. The lion’s share of the database is from the United States, which is a hindrance to meet singles from other countries. 

You need to pay to start a video call or even send messages. If you are new to this site, start by sending flirts. 


  • A bigger number of older buddies than other sites.
  • It is a gay-focused platform. 
  • You can connect the account to Friend Finder to boost your possibilities of dating somebody. 
    It has two features to make the first contact. 
  • Mennation is the best hookup platform for meeting 20 years and 50 year old gays. 
  • The community is home to over 100 million netizens. 
  • The age range is balanced with a significant amount of users of distinct age spectra. 
  • Thematic groups. 


  • All communication functions are paid. 
  • Viewing profiles is not free on Mennation. 


Unlike other apps, Bumble makes a difference by providing you with a badge for webcam chat. This feature is suitable for old guys to make sure the other person is real. In the end, bots use young profiles to con seniors out of their money. 

While Bumble is an app for lesbians and women, it has been shortlisted here because it has transsexuals and mature bi buys. Bisexual girls can mingle with bisexual seniors, who can also chat with transsexuals of the same age. 

The difference between this site and others is women are the only ones allowed to take the first step. This means transsexuals can get in touch with you, but you can’t message them before they do if you are a man. After all, Bumble is more focused on chicks, regardless of their sexual preferences. 


  • You can use Facebook to log in. 
  • Good for serious commitments or friendships. 
  • A good option to date transsexual women. 
  • The interface is easy to understand and user-friendly for seniors. 
  • Bumble is a very active site. You will always find people in the chats. 
  • Bumble does not use your Facebook profile info. 
  • Excellent to find sugar daddies. 


  • It is centered on women, although there is also a male user base. 
  • If you are a man, you can’t initiate a conversation. You have to wait for first contact. 
  • It applies a 24-hour time frame to reply to messages, which is bad for individuals who do not log in daily. 

Senior Sizzle

Besides being focused on gay seniors, Senior Sizzles is perfect for hookups and adventures. Senior Sizzles is a safe place, in which mature gays get involved in chats and meet strangers online. Although this app is preferred for sexting, it can surefire provide face-to-face dates. 

Because of this, looking for serious commitments on this site is not viable. The website is paid to use instant messaging and other top communication features. Some seniors do not care about the purpose of this site and are on the lookout for long-lasting commitments. 

Profiles cannot be filled up easily. In order to complete all fields, you need to be part of the 50+ group. Senior Sizzles is not accepting of young dudes; however, many sign up to seek sugar daddies. 

The site is very active. Members can see each other on cam and go live-streaming. Heterosexual members outnumber homosexual guys. 


  • Very active site. 
  • The majority of users are senior members, which does not occur on most senior dating sites. 
  • A great option to chat via cam and intimate without personal contact. 
  • Members of the lowest age ranges (30 years). 
  • Email verification is obligatory. 
  • Nice for hookups and other relationship types. 
  • Senior Sizzle enables you to personalize searches. 
  • It has a live cam chat to find men. 


  • Not free. Singles without a paid subscription are very restricted. 
  • Most users are from the United States. 
  • A small pool of young homosexual buddies. 
  • Lots of heterosexual fellows. 

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is one of the gay senior dating sites that receive the most visitors on a monthly basis. It gets 50,000 daily logins, but it is not a very active community. It acts as dating site that caters to those who want to go steady or a second chance at love. It doesn’t intend to provide hookups. 

Silver Singles is an app created for people aged 50 years old or older. Because it is a silver age platform, there are few young members compared to other apps. The second-largest population is 40 years old.

The site does not have a gay approach, but it is inclusive and garners guests of diverse sexual identities. Most fellows are heterosexual and have a college background. 


  • Not for casual relationships, one-night stands, or whatnot. 
  • Ideal for people in their 40s and 50s. They make up most of the whole user base. 
  • The greatest part of users is widowed or divorced. You will find a few who are attached. 
  • Silver Singles is a special service for 50+-year-olds.  
  • Finding 50 year old gays or older is more likely than finding girls. 
  • It encourages new visitors to complete a long survey for better matchmaking results. 


  • It is hard to find members who are still active.  
  • Unavailable in 20 countries. It hasn’t spread so much. 


eHarmony is the perfect site for daters over 30 who want to get involved in a serious relationship. It is also one of the most expensive apps with prices that only wealthy visitors can afford. It has a sophisticated matchmaking system based on a personality test. 

eHarmony does not accept casual relationships but does help in finding local singles of all sexual identities and genres. While this site is not as inclusive as others, its algorithm has improved to make it easier for gays to find companionship.

The app has its own matchmaking system, which works as a scientific tool. There are still fake profiles, but they are removed through the third-part RelyID. Although eHarmony is useful to find seniors, it is not the most recommended place to meet them. They are scarce. 

The site has members around the world and is one of the most reputable, with 12 years in the dating industry. 


  • The user pool is diverse. 
  • Lots of seniors, yet most are straight. 
  • It boasts of a scientific tool to spot compatible folks. 
  • The site adds changes every month to ensure better browsing for the user. 
  • Fitted to find strong connections. There’s no space for hot dates. 
  • Most users are singles or widowed. 
  • Good age range above 30 years.


  • Not many members of the LGBTQ+ community. You have to set up your personal preferences correctly to chat with gay seniors. 
  • eHarmony is a paid app with many restrictive features. Signing up without a premium subscription is not worthwhile.  
  • To sign up, you need to complete a psychological test that takes time. 


Tinder is targeted at singles or couples seeking an extra-marital relationship, but it is basically an app for singles. On Tinder, you can find people of all genders and sexual identities. As for seniors, it is not the most appropriate app to hunt for old gays, but because its user pool is too big, the odds of finding one are not so low. 

Tinder is designed for singles and young people, no matter the profession or age. It is a geolocated app that connects local daters. It doesn’t accept porn and is experiencing a rise in the number of homosexual visitors. This app is rated as the most popular. 

There are not so many fakes and the major part of users are seeking personal encounters. Tinder can be linked to social networks like Facebook and phone number. It is not a space with well-detailed profiles, on which you can learn about members by just reading their biographies. 

As a senior, you will be charged a higher fee. Users aged 30+ must pay more. 


  • A good site for mature guys to chat with young men. 
  • Tinder is possibly the most legit site listed here. 
  • It uses a swiping feature that is widely known around the world because of its simplicity. 
  • Tinder is currently getting a larger number of homosexuals per month.
  • It is compatible with smart devices and never crashes phones. 
  • For hookups and casual encounters. 


  • Despite its huge user base, it houses few 50-year-old guys. 
  • Not suited for boomers. 
  • Looking for love? Search elsewhere. 

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