Gay Jewish Dating

6 Best Gay Jewish Dating Sites and Apps

While gays are not common in the Jewish community, there are sites and apps that are targeted at gays and lesbians that may exist in Israel and parts of the Jewish populace. Some of these sites are very, very popular, while others are more centered on Jews. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular sites that are not mainly for gays but gay Jews use them to find companionship. Some of these destinations are pornographic, which may contradict Jewish beliefs and religious restrictions. 

Others do not contain mature content, but they are apps that promote inclusivity. Regarding whether or not they are paid, most call for a paid subscription to maximize the benefits. 

Despite the grown-up content there may be on these sites, Jews generally register to meet and date somebody they could love forever. In other words, only a few seek hookups. 

The curious part about gay Jewish dating is most homosexual Jews look for international love. Consequently, it is difficult to find Jewish gays behaving pervertedly or engaging in hot dates only. There are cases, though.

These are the most useful gay Jewish dating sites.

Top 6 Gay Jewish Dating Sites and Apps


  1. Outpersonals – Meet Gay Men for Dates
  2. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  3. Adultfriendfinder  –  Find Adult Gay Singles 
  4. OkCupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  5. Grindr – Social Networking App for Gay
  6. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App


Outpersonals reaches the Jewish LGBTQ community because of its global service. It is an open and browser-friendly app gays of all ages have always used to find sex. In this place, gay Jewish folks can express their thoughts without facing criticism. 

Outpersonals houses gays of all religions, and many are Jews that haven’t come out of the closet. Generally, and despite their struggles to be accepted inside their communities, most Jews on Outpersonals are no longer confused about their sexual orientation. 

This is because the majority of Outpersonals users are around 30-40 years, have a college background, and seek to manage their sexual life. 

As to the site layout, Outpersonals looks jumbled, with tabs all over, so it may be hard for newbies unused to dating apps. 

The website does not aim to help find love but casual dating only, so this is something to take into account. Some Jewish guys want to get more experience in sex before going steady.


  • Outpersonals is a legit site that welcomes all genders.
  • Jews can meet transsexual men and women, and even queers. 
  • It has a plethora of options to socialize. 
  • It has fellows worldwide. 
  • Houses its own broadcasting service.
  • Ideal for exchanging nudes.
  • For casual dating only. 
  • Jews of 25 years or older. 


  • Not good to find love.
  • The interface looks simplistic but should improve.
  • Sometimes, it may feel like there’s nobody. Many people have left the site.


Mennation is a site awash with features that require payment. Just like Outpersonals, Mennation is home to millions of gays, including Judaism adherents. Altogether, the site helps Jewish guys to have international dates with men from the United States and Canada, which are the largest crowds there. 

Mennation supports all sorts of relationships, but it is not suited for serious commitments. The site is available in 80 countries, so there are options galore. Up to date, it has over 100,000,000 users, 50,000 of which are Jewish worldwide.

Now, gays are not alone on the site. Mennation is an LGBTQ community that reports transsexual and transgender visitors every day. Bisexuals are common as well. Gays and bisexuals are probably the two-largest populations on this platform. 

The site has chat rooms but also a sophisticated IM system that allows sending porn and facilitates sexting. In addition to that, Gay Jews can also meet couples and swingers. The age of people ranges from 35 to 55. 


  • Excellent to date self-confident gays.
  • Help find international love.
  • Most gays are in the United States. 
  • Porn content available. 
  • Gay webcammers. 
  • Private video chats are available. 
  • Handsome guys. 
  • Low price rates. 
  • Most members are real. Not bots. 


  • Oddly enough, gays use it for virtual sex rather than for personal encounters. 
  • Although it may work to meet somebody from abroad, it is more designed for local dating.
  • Contacting features are blocked.
  • No mobile app.

Adult Friend Finder

While Adult Friend Finder may sound sleazy for Jews, it receives plenty of Jews monthly. Adult Friend Finder is nothing short of a porn site with chats, broadcasters, forums and all. It is a sex finder. 

The site, which is also an app, is paid and blocks most of its contacting features to free members. Yet, it has forums, blogs, and groups available for free members. If you want to send a message or read your inboxes, you need a paid membership. 

AFF promotes not only casual dating but also BDSM. Although it seeks to find casual encounters, the app works better assisting people to have fun online. The site still has the same design of its early years, which customers blast.  

The age range of members on Adult Friend Finder is, maybe, one of its long suits. 


  • Most members are in the 30, 40-year-old age bracket. 
  • For cuckolds, BDSM, webcam shows.
  • You don’t need to meet members personally.
  • The app streamlines hot chats perfectly. 
  • Based on local dating. 
  • There are thousands of Jews signed up for Adult Friend Finder. Many live in the United States. 
  • You can communicate through forums, webcam shows, blogs, and more. 
  • Some chats and forums do not have a price tag. You can actually strike in a conversation in forums at no cost. 
  • Adult Friend Finder is a legit site and one of the oldest in the dating apps universe. 


  • Not for prudes. Content may be too harsh for some Jews. 
  • Paid site. 
  • Outdated design. 


OkCupid is a free dating site with loads of features and dating opportunities. The app is not a Jewish dating app, but the gay populace is the second-largest swarm. It is free, considering that it charges no fees to chat and allows browsing profiles without restriction. 

OkCupid is also one of the straight and gay apps with most gay Jewish folks worldwide. Most Jews are based in the United States; however, it is likely to find some from the UK, Canada, and NZ, which are countries with open policies to the LGBTQ community. 

The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and it has been translated into a wealth of languages, so every member can communicate. It is not pornographic and is focused more on local dating. OkCupid shares a lot of common with other social networking services like Tagged.

The layout has been recently criticized because of its wonky and old-fashioned functionality. 


  • Great IM features. 
  • It is completely functional, even if you don’t pay for the subscription. 
  • Ideal for chatting with young Jewish guys. 
  • Juvenile design. 
  • The app welcomes all genders and has always supported new sexual trends. 
  • Members are very active. OkCupid works similarly to most social networks. 
  • Optimal for serious commitments, friendships, hookups, and online fun. 
  • Men outnumber women. 


  • Users report the technical support is useless.
  • Some features are old and should disappear. 
  • No porn. You are not allowed to share explicit content with other members or in your newsfeed. 


Although Grindr has been given a low rating on many review sites, it still garners lots of visitors from the LGBTQ community. More and more Jewish gays are registering to find friends, casual dates, hookups, or a partner. 

Grindr intends to find all types of relationships, and it is tailored only to sexually diverse groups. In this place, you have the opportunity to meet bi-curious, bisexuals, queers, transsexuals, and gays. Something attractive about this site is the fact it is free to use.

Grindr is free but offers premium services that optimize the benefits and increase the number of features even more. It is also an app based on geo-location, so it may be tricky to come across gay Jews nearby while being out of the United States. 

The IM feature is fully unblocked. You don’t need a paid subscription to tap into Instant Messaging. On the other hand, Grindr is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The app usually encounters technical issues related to login and GPS.


  • Great to meet Jewish men from around the world, but mainly from the United States. 
  • The app is compatible with the leading operating systems. 
  • You don’t need to be premium to chat. 
  • Geo-location-based app. 
  • Grindr is ranked among the most popular apps with multiple awards as the best gay dating app. 
  • Huge user pool. 
  • It is home to TG, TS, queers, and lesbians. Not for male gays only. 


  • The app has bugs. 
  • If you are looking for international love, this may not be your choice. 
  • Limited freedom to share photos. This site does not contain porn.


Tinder is an app with a free version that has all the bells and whistles for communication at no cost. It is not a gay app, but because of its large database, it is normal to think it simplifies the search for Jewish gays. The application lends itself to seek out friends and all relationship types. 

According to reviews, it is more than a hookup app. In its first years, the software was used to find one-night stands or hot dates, but this fact has been changing gradually. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and works smoothly when logged in from a desktop. 

Tinder works wonders finding young gays and bisexual Jews. It is likewise a local dating app that requires a premium subscription to look through foreign profiles. Tinder updates the user’s location in real-time. 

The site can do the trick for Jews who seek same-sex marriage also. There are success stories about couples who met through the app. As a bonus, it has a swiping feature that makes it easy to hunt for singles online. Most profiles on Tinder are legit. 


  • It is an app to find gay Jewish fellows nearby. 40km away. 
  • It has an array of credible success stories.
    Useful to meet bi-curious and transsexual men. 
  • The app runs splendidly. 
  • Few bots and catfish. 
  • Friendly environment.
  • All types of relationships are encouraged. Not necessarily the romantic ones. 
  • Tinder is the platform for young singles. Just like OkCupid. 
  • Free IM. 
  • Fully functional with a free account. 


  • If you want to meet somebody from another country, upgrade your account. 
  • Monthly plans are expensive.

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