6 Best Military Gay Dating Sites

The number of gay dating sites has soared as the LGBTQ+ groups grow. Regarding military gay dating sites, there are also places designed for homosexuals in the armed forces. They are helpful to meet local and international soldiers around the world but are generally geolocated. Also, they contain info that educates about gay dating.

Now, military gay dating apps are not solely towards guys; women who are lesbian also benefit from them, albeit less. The sites can be serious or just for hookups but are more oriented to singles. They also provide top-notch customer support, and registration is free.

If you are a soldier who likes same-sex commitments, be aware most sites are for hookups. There are also transsexuals on these portals, and not all display nudity. You will also find adorable pictures of military buddies too.

Some military gay dating sites are getting apps to make it easy to make contact. Actually, many of these platforms are indeed gay dating apps. Below are some of the best.

Top 6 Military Gay Dating Sites 

  1. Outpersonals – Meet Gay Men for Dates
  2. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  3. Adult Friend Finder –  Find Adult Gay Singles
  4. OkCupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  5. Tinder – Most Popular Dating App
  6. Grindr  – Social Networking App for Gay


If you are seeking to find a gay military dating site with fast customer support, Outpersonals is a good choice. Although the site is the best in terms of design, it is also true the support is top-notch.

Outpersonals is not a big community. For the time this article is published, it is home to 375,000 members. When you enter the site, you see a directory of buddies of all ages and not only militiamen. The layout of the site is basic, but it’s hard that somebody to get lost when browsing.

Outpersonals is also one of the smallest communities for gay dating, with 750 reviews so far. It aims to find a partner rather than a hot date, so consider this before joining. Because of its relatively low popularity, it is less trustworthy compared with other gay dating portals.

It also helps in finding friendships and pen friends for those looking for non-personal encounters. The portal hosts gays, couples, and singles, which means it is an open-minded community.


  • Ideal for finding all types of commitments: sex, hookups, friendships, and romance.
  • Easy signup.
  • You will meet people of all ages and lifestyles, including the military.
  • A place to date transsexuals.
  • It helps find bisexual dating.
  • Top-notch customer assistance.
  • Basic and browser-friendly design.


  • The layout is simple but outdated.
  • Not the top site to find military men, for sure.
  • Other websites work better.
  • It lacks an app.
  • Few members.
  • The most necessary features are blocked.


Mennation is the type of site you sign up for to find sexual encounters. Mennation has the largest user base of among gay dating sites. If you’re planning to become a member, remember it is not a romantic place.

The site has over 150 million gays around the world, many of whom are bisexual men. The Matchmaking system is more focused on the physique rather than personality traits. Because of its huge membership base, you could expect loads of military dudes as well.

This is a porn website where soldiers can fap on other men’s photos or upload their own. Besides the varied user pool and steamy content, Mennation presents blogs and forums for interacting and learning. Of the 100 million daters, 50 million are still active, which is too much.

The website is easy to use, but you may spend a lot of time browsing members. Something noteworthy is there are also girls, and it is great to have a good time online, as intimate encounters are often disregarded.


  • Huge user base with over 50 million members and counting.
  • Suited to find military gays.
  • User-friendly, although browsing can consume time.
  • Ideal for hookups and couple swapping.
  • There are no bounds.
  • Good for sexting, photo-sharing and trading.
  • It is one of the most reputable platforms for gay and military gay dating.
  • It boasts of its sexy male members.
  • Aimed at finding friends.
  • Fast and attentive customer support that frequently gets updated.


  • There are girls on the website, which can be distractive.
  • Not a romantic venue.


Grindr is more open to queer people than for men, and it is also one of the biggest gay dating destinations. Grindr is an app that works as a social network, and it is clearly emphasized on gay dating.

On Grindr, you will find bi, gays, queers, and trans, and certainly militiamen. It strives to remove stereotypes that link gays to men who are not soldiers or blacks. The place contains blogs and forums for discussions.

The app is focused on local dating, which streamlines dating with military gays nearby. People are not there only for sex but also to kill time. Yet, Grindr is used by millions of gay males to have sex or meet somebody interesting. Grindr has been around for over 10 years.

The app can be installed from the Apple Store and iTunes and does not accept nudity. The design is awesome, with big pictures and readable text. As a bonus, it allows sharing hot photos in private.


  • It is very versatile.
  • Nudes can be shared in private.
  • Free of cost.
  • Nice interface with big photos and easy-to-read content.
  • Available on the Apple Store and iTunes.
  • Grindr welcomes gays, trans, bi, and has tons of soldiers on it.
  • It is a geolocation app.
  • The site promotes all relationship types, including one-night stands.
  • It has a lot of experience in the dating industry.
    Looking for queer people? Here it is.


  • Not too many members.
  • Some “respectful profiles” are banned for no reason.


OkCupid is one of the sites that provide a free gay dating service. If you are in the armed forces, post a selfie, and you’ll call the attention of lots of users. While OkCupid lends itself for all types of connections, it is more focused on local dating and friendships.

The app intends to find personal encounters and meaningful connections that are not based on sex only. Although it is a social network similar to Tinder, it solely admits legal age people. The app makes it easier to meet pals and find companionship rather than sex.

The application can be linked to Instagram for photo sharing. It is matchmaker based on interests and preferences, leaving aside physical stereotypes. Therefore, it is suited for soldiers to date like-minded singles who are servicemen.

The platform is inclusive and opens the door to gays and all the existing genders. It belongs to Match, which boosts its reliability. OkCupid has been catering to the gay community since 2004.


  • It is a space for everybody, no matter their sex, gender or ethnicity.
  • The gay user pool has grown on the app, which increases the chances of finding companionship.
  • The membership base of OkCupid is one of the biggest.
  • An effective matchmaking system that does not require long-form filling.
  • Great to find love or friends.
  • The layout is easy to navigate.
  • Free of cost. The instant message has no price tag.
  • Driven towards young people. Most users are around 20.


  • No explicit content.
  • Unavailable for Android phones. This change has been done recently.

Adult Friend Finder 

Adult Friend Finder is the largest sex finder with over 75 million members. It is a hookup community for friendly chat and to meet locals. It is home to millions of men and cuckolds.

Registering is free, but it is necessary to become a premium subscriber for limitless chat and instant messaging. This goes against its public claim of being a “free chat.” Soldiers have to pay, as well as everybody.

But also, Adult Friend Finder helps interact with strangers and have fun online. It is a commonplace to watch models, and if you are a gay serviceman, you can find a lot of gay broadcasters doing military cosplays. AFF is intended for hookups and virtual sex.

The site is a borderline porn community in which users publish nudes and share steamy stories. However, be careful when joining, as spams and fakes abound in this place.


  • Excellent for couples and gay dating.
  • It is a pornographic dating site that knows no bounds.
  • Most male users are bi or gay.
  • The major part of guys are 30 or 40.
  • AFF offers people different lifestyles.
  • Men outnumber women.
  • Adult Friend Finder has been one of the most reliable sites for gay dating.


  • Pretty bad for serious arrangements.
  • Chatting and replying to messages are not free. Almost nothing is free on this app.
  • Outdated interface. Words and photos seem cramped.
  • Lots of bots, maybe more than real people.


Tinder is by far the largest community of singles with the biggest number of matches per year. It is an amazing venue for all types of encounters that involve military men too.

Tinder has hit 120 countries and it is now even on YouTube, in which Tinder gives info on gay dating people. People love its swipe feature, which is extremely addictive and worthwhile. Most Tinder users are legit.

Many singles look for love on Tinder, although it is possible to have rare dates and weird people. Due to its approach, the app is a geosocial network focused on local dating and meetups. The swipe game is its selling point and the best way to get matches on Tinder.


  • Free to use.
  • Available for Android and Apple devices.
    Sending and replying to messages have no cost.
  • Geolocation-centered.
  • While other apps are packed with bogus profiles, Tinder is not.
  • Simple and responsive interface with few bugs.
  • It has presence in many countries.
  • The special features allow for anonymous browsing.
  • Its swipe feature outperforms that of other platforms.
  • The likelihood of finding matches on Tinder is higher than in other gay military dating sites.
  • The sign-up process is easy, as it only requests the phone number or Facebook login.
  • Tinder can be linked to social media.


  • Getting in touch with foreigners has a cost.
  • It doesn’t accept porn or any form of nudity.

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