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Sex Dating Sites in Germany – Top 7 Free German Dating Sites

The dating culture in Germany is not so different from other countries in Europe, where foreign partnerships are very common. The number of German and foreign couples has doubled since 2017. This is good, especially if you are a stranger who wants to find love in Germany.

But first, you need to know that people do not show interest in marriage until they turn 30. If you want to date a German, you must know that women and men tend to take their time before they go steady. However, when a German is interested, he goes all in.

Also, there are lots of homosexual Germans looking around for something interesting. The good is that same-sex marriage is legal in Germany, so nobody has problems with prejudice. People are open-minded in Germany.

Meeting people in this country is practically the same as in other countries. You meet people at school, in the neighbourhood, and local clubs. Online dating has also caught on recently.

At the present time, the number of Germans using German free dating sites is increasing. They find them discreet and safe enough to maintain privacy.

In this article, we’re going to review the top 8 German dating sites you can use for meeting people in Germany. Take a look.

Adult Friend Finder 

Adult Friend Finder is a grown-up dedicated to casual dating and webcam broadcasting. When you enter, you’ll realize it is very laid-out, and people are only interested in having sex and friends with benefits.

AFF sounds like a great opportunity for young Germans to go on a date and try new sexual experiences. Germans prefer dating people that belong to their social circles.

With that being said, we conclude that this platform would suit better for young people who look for local sex. Germans don’t have problems with meeting people who stem from other countries, but they necessarily must be located in Germany.

According to reviews, we find out that people in Germany like going on cam and seek girls and fuckboys for a one-night stand, for which Adult Friend Finder is mostly utilized.

Most Germans opt to use free chats to interact with local women, like the ones featured on Adult Friend Finder, which are free of cost and have very few restrictions.

Ashley Madison

Germans also cheat on their partners when they get brassed off with them, and here is where Ashley Madison comes into play.

AM is a hookup website that is currently online in several European countries, including Germany. Since German is not included in AM webpages, Germans have to use English to communicate.

However, English is not a barrier for them. It is evident that the number of clicks has not decreased since the first appearance of Ashley Madison in this country.

For Germans, Ashley Madison does help find extra-marital relationships. The platform guarantees that you’ll have an affair, but if you don’t have success, they’ll refund you the money.

AM is a great alternative for dating in Germany for the mere fact that more and more people are registering to the site, making it much easier to find someone interesting for sex free.

Germany is full of open-minded people who are far from being purists; so it is a fact that you will only find women that are thirsty for sex.

OkCupid portrays the same interface and matchmaking methods of other platforms. It is an inclusive app that welcomes all genders, which rates it as a great place for homosexual people in Germany.

Possibly, the feature that ranks this platform so high is the affordability.

OkCupid is completely or at least; it is pretty functional on the free membership. In Germany, it is used for casual dating and friendships.

The largest part of OkCupid members are young people aged about 24 -35 years old, which is the best moments for finding hookups in this country. Besides that, it is very practical because it doesn’t have strange features.

At the moment of registering, you’re given a lengthy questionnaire about personality description. After completion, the site displays suggested matches that are chosen according to the answers.

Not quite suitable for Germans who don’t like writing too much on social media, but it equally does the trick for casual dating. However, it still lags behind other completely free German dating sites like Finya. is one of the best German dating sites that really control the dating industry in Hamburg. It is not a hookup site as such; instead, it encourages serious relationships.

It doesn’t differ from the majority of dating sites regarding the membership structure and the sign-up process. Basically, it offers two types of accounts, a free one and a paid one. The free membership allows browsing profiles, but photos are blocked.

This means you’ll need to upgrade the account if you want to see and exchange photos. The Premium membership price ranges from 30 to 60 Euro per month, but you’ll need the luck to find users with a Gold membership.

The downside of this is that only 38% of its users have a Gold membership. The renewal automatically occurs according to the renewal clause.

Parship promotes inclusivity. In fact, there are other Parship sites dedicated to gay members. This is an amazing fact considering that same-sex marriage is legal in Germany.

The other point to consider is that Parship shares some similarities with EliteSingles when it comes to the kind of people who register. All Parship members are highly educated and have a good income. 

This is another platform for dating elite people. The problem with ElitePartner is that it is completely in the German language, which can be a hurdle for expats to communicate.

ElitePartner only operates in German-speaking countries, which are Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. It has two membership versions, a free version and a Premium one.

The site tells you that in case you can’t speak German, you must drop a line via email asking for the account cancellation. If you don’t have problems, the price to pay is from expensive, but let’s talk a little about the free membership.

Basically, it allows browsing profiles to have a first impression. The filters that ElitePartner use solely apply to the list of matches you get, yet it is advisable to keep all members on the list, including those that are out of your range.

The website is very strict about the filters setting in the beginning. At first, it is hard to swipe left those members that don’t like interesting.

The age range on Elite Singles is widely varied. On this site, there are chances to find people of all ages. claims to guarantee lots of suggestions every day since the registration day. Normally, new members are suggested to each other in the beginning. sign-up is as easy as the account termination process.

edarling has gained popularity because it has created lots of couples since 2011. It is a dating site dedicated to users who want to get married. There are many success stories that position it among the top free German dating sites.

Its success may be due to its personality test that embraces important aspects of the individual’s character. The questionnaire asks you questions about the way you deal with serious relationships. This is basic but a very important step to fill out the profile.

The drawback of eDarling is that they find matches for you and taking you off the option to choose on your own. They pick matches based on the answers in the personality test and personality wishes.

So, edarling’s best feature is the personality test, also known as scientific personality test. They’ve cherry-picked the questions basing on modern psychology, which analyzes the faces of the personality.

Finya is one of the 100 free German dating sites designed for creating friendships, partnerships, and all types of relationships. It is a very old site which has prevailed since 2001. has a different tagline, which is “We’re here to motivate people”. They think that social relationships of all kind are an essential element for individual joy.

Create a personal profile on Finya to start viewing members’ suggestions immediately. operates like a swiping app that allows other members to find you if you don’t want to swipe.

The downside of Finya is the lack of an app for mobiles, but it features a very user-friendly desktop interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Finya’s system focuses on local dating with nearby matches generally. Plus, it is completely free, so you won’t have to spend a penny for chatting.

Their philosophy consists in encouraging online dating without charging fees to people. In the end, you pay nothing to talk to somebody in real life. This is what makes Finya one of the most impressive and highly reputed German free dating sites.

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