Best Black Gay Dating Websites

7 Best Gay Black Dating Websites

Black dating apps and sites help black men and women find a partner or hookups. Regarding the websites dedicated to black gays, they are undoubtedly scarce and are difficult to stumble with. In the US, the LGBTQ+ and the gay black communities are still a minority, which means there are not many alternatives for them online.

To put it in number, over 2.2% of the total population of men in the USA identify as gay, while 4% are bi. For this reason, gay black guys struggle to find love or same-sex online and in real life; however, the emergence of new sites are changing the reality.

These sites help whites find sex with other ethnicities. If you don’t belong to the ghetto community and like men, using black gay dating apps is an appealing option. Plus, they are free to join, and once you are in, you have nothing to lose.

Not all the gay-centered communities are actually legit; be aware. Let’s see seven gay black dating websites that are a must-try.

Top 7 Gay Black Dating Websites 


  1. Gay Friend Finder – Meet Gay friends
  2. Mennation – Find Intimate Encounters with Hot Guys
  3. Okcupid – Find a Gay Match Today
  4. Hornet – Queer Social Network
  5. Nuitapp – Your Perfect Match
  6. Zoosk – Find Your Perfect Gay Match
  7. Grindr – Social Networking App for Gay

Gay Friend Finder

Gay Friend Finder is one of the top sites for the LGBTQi+ community to find local homosexuals. It has been in the industry for many years, and it still has a high reputation. Creating a free account on this portal is straightforward, and even women are welcome. It’s also a place to view profiles of thousands of gay black dudes. 

This is an open-minded website where couples join for couple swapping. If you are a black gay man, Gay Friend Finder can provide you with plenty of options in your area. Do not take this site seriously, as it is not focused on lasting companionships. 

Although the platform is bent on casual dating, some users report they found love. Gay Friend Finder matches people through its matchmaking system based on age, location, and personal interests. 

Not only is it a site for finding black gays but also a venue to interact through forums and read blogs. It is likewise suitable to swatch porn, send nudes, and exchange photos. Sometimes, things go wild on this site. 


  • Great for casual dating and finding couples and groups. 
  • It has people not only from the USA but also from around the globe. 
  • Compatible with mobile devices. 
  • The site is focused on gays of all ethnicities. 
  • Very Young member base. Nearly 50% are in their 20s. 


  • Too many members from the States. 
  • Not workable for Latinos and Asians. 
    It gathers lots of women. 
  • Doesn’t have an app, but its mobile format seems to be perfect. 


Mennantion offers the opportunity for black guys to know gay and bi couples for sex. It is not a space to search for long-term arrangements but hookups and one-night stands. The registration process is not complicated, but filling out the profile fully matters. 

Mennation takes care of comprehensive profiles to drive away fakes and increase trustworthiness. The drawback is it doesn’t allow sending messages and viewing profiles without being premium. It is a fully paid site. 

But once you upgrade your account, you are free to utilize all Mennation features. The website has great functions to pull off black gay men dating. It houses couple men galore, so open your mind to engage in extreme convos. 

The site also contains a lot of pornography that comes from users’ posts. Interestingly, most are over 50 years old. If you are a gay black dude and want to get some money, it is your time to be a sugar baby boy here. Why not? 


  • Nearly 100 million members on the site. 
  • An option to find a sugar daddy. 
  • It is a community of couples. 
  • Not many women. 
  • A chance to chat with men who are no longer confused about their sexual identity. 
  • Intended for sex, casual dating, and couple swapping. 
  • The second-largest population bracket hosts members aged 25-34 years old. 


  • Few singles. 
  • It has men from other countries, but still too many from The United States. 


OkCupid is a social network with a huge user base, which targets straight and homosexual people. The portal creates matches by connecting singles who share interests and personality traits. OkCupid expands its community by leaving the communication features free. 

The website is feasible for gay black guys because it is diverse. There are individuals from the United States, The United Kingdom, but also from remote places. OkCupid changed its terms regarding LGBTQ community years ago and became a paradise for gays. 

Although it is free, some features remain blocked. If you are on a non-paid account, you cannot, for example, see who likes you. OkCupid has an app compatible with Android and iOS. If you want to flirt, you need to be liked back. 

The platform is fun and has features that appear on other popular apps. For instance, it presents Double Take, which aims to swipe right or left on members. 


  • One of the gay black men dating sites for hookups and long-term relationships. 
  • One of the biggest gay-focused sites, although it is not gay entirely. 
  • There are more black guys than black women. 
    The chat is never dead. People are always talking. 
  • Whether serious or casual, OkCupid promotes all kinds of relationships. It is neither limited nor demanding. 
  • Apt for the youth. 
  • 1,000,000 daily logins and few are fakes. 


  • In the past, people could send messages freely. Now, it is only possible to do so if they are matches. 
  • Too many visitors from The United States, yet there are plenty of chances to chat with people of other cultures. 


Hornet is a community of gays of over 25 million members, which differentiates from others because its instant messaging is unlimited and has no price tag. It is one of the top black gay dating websites that cater the most features for free users.

However, not all is good; this site has plenty of ads. It uses Facebook or Google as login options, which is good and convenient. For many black men, Hornet is the best gay black male dating website, as it connects guys in more meaningful and not only for hookups or one-night stands. 

The site targets gays and bi fellows. Although it only has 4 million users in the US so far, the portal is translated into different languages, including Afrikaans, Chinese, Polish, and Japanese. Hornet encourages encounters between black gays and individuals of other ethnicities. 

Because of this, the site has grown a lot, and it is now home to 25 million people. It has been around since 2011 and keeps sitting pretty. 


  • Many logins from different countries. 
  • Nice age group (18-34 years old). 
  • Lots of faithful members with an average of 7 logins daily. 
  • The chat is very active. 250 million messages are sent because this feature is free. 
  • A great opportunity for black men to meet Latinos and Caucasians. 
  • The easy signup process, which can be done in 5 minutes. 
  • You don’t require a password to log in.


  • You can’t register if you don’t have a Gmail or Facebook account. 
  • Since no password is needed, the site has gotten flooded with fake gays. 
  • No possibility to choose one’s own username. The system gives it. 


Nuitapp is an app compatible with Apple and Android, which connects individuals of all walks of life and sexual preferences. There are lots of black gays chilling on this app in the quest for love. It is intended for those who believe in the stars and the horoscope. It connects singles through astrology. 

The matchmaking system is based on astrology charts and birthdates. This portal is not specified for gays, but the current homosexual member base is immense. Nuitapp claims to be made for busy bees who don’t have time to find a partner. To make the search easier, the platform resorts to astrology. 

It welcomes practically anybody, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. The site has around 500,000 gay black men registered and still counting. Most users are from the United States, but singles from the UK and South Africa are common.  

Nuitapp allows the personalization of searches by choosing the location, age, gender, and sexual orientation. 


  • Welcomes everybody and boosts connection among different races.
  • Gay black men are common. 14% are colored people.
  • It has too much text on the landing page, but it is fairly explanatory. 
  • Uses an innovating matchmaking approach. 
    Available for Android and iOS. 
  • The astrology-based algorithm is the key to finding matches here. It does all for you. 
  • Has various sections for blogs and news. 
  • Chat and instant messaging.
  • Nuitapp continues adding new genders as they appear. Non-binary has been recently included. 


  • Few reviews about this site can lead you to a proper conclusion before use. 
  • The interface is too wordy – too much text all over. 
  • Site available only in English. How about the countries that do not speak English and want a shot? 


Zoosk mixes the people who are serious and those who aim to have casual dating. The only things that matter here are the common interests and sexual preferences. So, if you are signing up for Zoosk, specify your ethnicity and make clear you’re gay. 

Zoosk uses SmartPick and Dating Insights to connect singles and attached fellows. You can see any kind of people on this platform, from singles to gay black guys who are married but look for a secret same-sex relationship. Zoosk is diverse. 

However, Zoosk works wonders to find long-term relationships as well. This is not a gay site or whatsoever, but the LGBTQ+ users are prominent in the community. Some members claim most people are no longer active, so be aware of this. 

The portal matches individuals who share or do similar activities. If you are a gay black guy, they list gay black buddies to interact with. This space has a membership base of 40 million daters. 


  • It offers a free trial.
  • Although it is not free, the plans are very affordable. You’ll pay a 20-dollar fee monthly. 
  • Very reliable and experienced in gay dating. 
  • Tailored for serious relationships. Casual flirting are also welcome. 
  • Some features can lead to conversations without paying. 
  • 40 million users worldwide. 


  • Not exclusive to gay black men. There are many straight women and lesbians.
  • You need a premium account to gain access to the most important features. The site is not free. 


Grindr is one of the best sites for gays, especially for its free functionality. It is an app widely used by gays and lesbians around the world, and it is also home to thousand of gays from the black community. Until the moment, the app receives up to 220 million messages and 20000 million photos monthly. 

Grindr is suitable for local dating, although it doesn’t bar its members from exploring foreigners. The site serves as a chat for premium subscribers. Gay blacks are not the only LGBTQ members on this site. It houses trans and a wealth of bi men as well. 

Grindr assists gay black dudes to date men of other ethnicities. The community is numerous, registering up to 27,000,000 daters so far. Of the 27,000,000, a part lives in The UK. Grindr garners guests from the USA, but they are not the majority. 

This site is oriented to the LGBTQ community only, but straight black men still sign up to meet bi girls. It hosts individuals from 190 countries. The age range of most users is 24-35 years old, and many seek a serious commitment. If you like Asians, Grindr has thousands. 


  • Ideal for English-speaking net users. English is the main language. 
  • You can maintain your anonymity by not uploading photos and enough info. 
  • A great chance for black men to meet other cultures. 
  • The portal encourages all kinds of arrangements, but it is more focused on the most meaningful ones. 
  • Unbiased platform in every sense. 
  • Most singles are young, with ages from 18 to 35 years old. 
  • No red tape for the approval of photos. 
  • Although the site is free to use, access for minors is prohibited. 


  • Catfish everywhere. 
  • Grindr does not verify emails and does not protect users from fakes. 

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