Top 10 Free “Spiritual” Dating Sites

Sex Dating Sites for Spiritual – Top 10 Free “Spiritual” Dating Sites

Dating through non-spiritual and spiritual dating sites.

Spiritual Dating or Mindful Dating is a new way of meeting and dating people in an “enlightened way.”

There are no rules or expectations as it is only about self-confidence, honesty, and good communication. Conscious dating is more fun than traditional dating, and very often, it gives much better results.

In every sense of the word, Spiritual dating encourages encounters with other people in a deeper way and at more soulful levels. A spiritual relationship is when two people feel a connection without having sex.

At first, they do the same as everybody does; they exchange phone numbers and start chatting remotely. After that, they arrange a date and meet up. In this type of relationship, people don’t have sex or make out on the first date.

A spiritual relationship is then emphasized on the sensation that provides peace, understanding, and harmony. They let know all emotions they feel from the core of their heart. All is related to a spiritual balance between body and mind.

People who prefer spiritual relationships may be vegans, liberals, eco-friendly, tree-huggers, and individuals who fight for the peace of the world. This type of couple normally takes part in debates, attends to ecology conferences, and do work for charity.

In this article, we’ll see some spiritual dating sites that have created thousands of couples throughout the years. It is important to point out that spiritual individuals are very open to online dating and the different trends around it. Check this out.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison
is not that typical hookup site you might find around. It was launched in 2001 with the intention to promote affairs or extra-marital relationships in a very discreet way. It promotes the type of environment where cheating is great and never frowned upon.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has been around for quite some time and has adjusted really well to the changes in the online dating industry. It currently caters to people interested in monogamous relationships, poly-relationships, and friends with benefits.

Since this site gives another twist to the dating industry, it has been able to gather visitors of all ages and preferences that reside in many countries.

In 2015, unfortunately, Ashley Madison faced a hacking attack that compromised the security system. It happens that all personal details of members were made public after this crime.

Subsequently, Ashley Madison has made a great deal of effort to rebuild its image.

Evidently, they’ve managed to step up the security of their database. Ashley Madison now provides one of the safest environments for online daters.

It may suit spiritual people who want to feel a different sense of freedom in a non-committed relationship.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a renowned website dedicated to online dating that already has over 20 years of history. It is an American website that helps users find suitable sex partners through an array of contacting features and functionalities.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site that is open to any type of arrangements, from polygamy to monogamy and couple share. It is also a great option for finding fuckbuddies. It is considered a heaven for couples and singles that are looking for new experiences.

Although the website is not recommended for hookups, it has become a venue for spiritual daters lately. As many other dating sites, AFF has scams and has many features that require a Premium membership.

The registration on Adult Friend Finder is something you can complete in 5 minutes. To create an account, you have to input your location, age, and gender. After that, a message is sent to your email inbox for confirmation.

Once you’re done with the registration, you’re asked some questions regarding your personal life and sexual preferences.

Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles is a dating site that purposely caters to Christian or spiritual singles that are looking for a partner. Spiritual Singles is a modest platform that provides a large amount of features and capabilities.


The site uses the same questions you find on OkCupid and others from Match and throws in numerous functionalities that streamline communication. On this website, you have to fill out a form and tell the site what you sign up for.

Among the questions, the site requires you to answer are: Who would you like to meet? And how would you like your Matches to be? This place has an open database that allows you to search members through various methods that are similar to ‘Discover.’

Spiritual Singles provides a standard and advanced search system to search for more members. As its name suggests, it is evident that the site highlights the way people see spirituality, diet, and eco-friendliness.

You complete the profile thoroughly by answering personal questions that appear on MATCH along with others that refer to ethics and your love for nature. This way, Spiritual Singles sets your match preference.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is one of the US dating services that mostly target educated singles looking for serious relationships. It boasts having over 65,000 new members per week and creating roughly 2,000 couples each month.


Elite Singles is a dating platform that is available in 20 countries. More than 80% of its members have a university degree, which makes it ideal for sapiosexuals. Regarding its matchmaking system, it works the same way as other services.

While Elite Singles highlights the professional background, Spiritual Singles encourages spirituality, but both sites bolster long-term relationships. These two spiritual singles free dating sites are operated in the United States and provide the same service for an array of countries.

The main difference between the two is the type of questions set for the registration process. EliteSingles puts questions related to professional background and goals in life, while Spiritual Singles focuses more on religion and ethics.

Both platforms pertain to the same family but have different approaches. They are outfitted with an extensive advanced search that allows finding people more precisely.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles caters to dating singles over 50 and is considered one of the best dating sites for spiritual in the world today. It boasts having up to 50,000 new subscribers every day and generating around 2,000 couples monthly.


Their matchmaking system delivers results based on the answers that members give in the personality test, so all suggested matches go accordingly to this questionnaire. Silver Singles aims at people who are looking for a second chance in love.

Its tagline refers to the second opportunity that sometimes we have in love. They say it is never too late to love.

Despite this comforting message, many people think Silver Singles is just a hoax. Many of its members reside in North America and are over 50 years old. It is important to emphasize that most of them are divorced or widowed.

As regards the age range again, it is possible to find members that are much younger on this site. The truth is some users that are 30 or 40 years old sign up for the site in the belief they can find somebody with more experience and willing to trust.

Conscious Dating

The Conscious Dating Network, also known as CDN, was created in 1998, but its release was two years later, along with Spiritual Singles. Such launch has prompted SS to be one of the spiritual dating sites with the largest databases in the world.


The Conscious Dating Network stresses on spiritual beliefs, consciousness, and eco-friendliness. All of its members share similar preferences and ways of thinking. It is necessary to clarify that ConsciousSingles shares the database with Spiritual Singles and pursuits the same goal.

The niche of this site encompasses religion and environmental awareness. In the beginning, the platform was online under the name of Conscious Singles, and then it became Conscious Singles. The owner passed away many years ago, but the site continued.

Two of the dating sites that are part of the Conscious Dating Network are Planet Earth Singles and Green Singles. PLANET EARTH SINGLES is a relatively new dating website that joined this group in 2006 and is designed for green singles and environmentally conscious individuals.

Green Singles, for their part, is much older than Planet EARTH Singles with its launch in 1996. At first, both sites competed to be the best places with eco-friendly niches. Green Singles is currently part of the CDN.


MeetMindful is one of the new spiritual singles dating sites with a database of over 300,000 members. It went online for the first time in 2015 and aimed to build a mindful community interested in friendship and long-term relationships.


The name Meet Mindful is associated with the fact that most of its members are mindful about pursuing a healthy lifestyle and practicing awareness. The site includes a system that categorizes its members according to their mindfulness and opinions.

When registering, the platform asks you how mindful you are and how committed you are to the lifestyle you’re having. This way, the website helps you connect with like-minded individuals that really care for these aspects of life.

MeetMindful often publishes articles about mindful dating and long-term relationships to help the community. This is a feature that sets it apart from other dating venues. Here, there’s no room for judgment people. MeetMindful is targeted at those who boast having an awakened mind.

This service is designed for individuals who think differently and prefer to opt for self-development. An awakened mind involves spiritual believers, travelers, adventurers, eco-lovers, and the struggle for animal rights.

Natural Awakenings Singles

Natural Awakenings Singles belongs to the series of spiritual singles free dating sites angled to people who would like to marry. This means to be a place for people to meet and end up getting married. The site helps discover compatible individuals that have marriage plans.


The site claims to help users make up their minds and find a partner quickly. Natural Awakenings Singles features all the elements needed to go with the right choice. The platform makes clear that it doesn’t approve members that don’t take dating seriously.

All Natural Awakenings Singles members incline towards spiritual growth, organic food, permaculture, holistic health, yoga, non-GMO foods, meditation, and precious Gaia.

When becoming a member of this site, you gain access to the profile of users who live locally or in other parts of the world, meaning it is not exclusive for local love. In the end, you never know where you might find the person you have been looking for.

Evidently, this site does not differ from others when it comes to membership offers. The free membership allows seeing other members, writing and answering essay questions, as well as browsing the database for free. is one of the few well-known spiritual singles free dating sites that offer another opportunity for love inspired by Eastern spirituality based on Karma and Dharma. This is an independent site that provides different experiences when seeking love.


Most of the people who join Dharmamatch are Hindu and Buddhist. The founder chose to leave the name of the site like that knowing that there are many translations and interpretations of the word Dharma.

So, the website is known as Dharmamatch internationally.
It truly welcomes people who practice all kinds of religions and show respect for these differences.

The website’s success is due to the fact that many people in the Eastern world are curious about Western religions like Buddhism and Yogi.

Owing to this, Dharma Match opens its doors for all people who would like to find love in a person devoted to a different religion that addresses other aspects of life.

All the money the site receives for the Premium memberships goes to charity.


Spiritual.Dating is a free dating site that has experienced exponential growth among spiritual singles. If you’re a spiritual single who’s into a healthy holistic life, then this platform can suit you. We understand by holistic life all referred to mind, body, spirit and soul.


Spiritual. Singles is designed for finding true love, romance, life-long partners, and spiritual connections, so don’t expect to find something else here. This is a great place where people share their thoughts about ongoing situations and personal interests.

Regardless of your skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion, Spiritual Singles has a very large pool of users from around the world. This platform is very active and provides lots of communication features.

This venue is not only for finding life-long partners but also friends to talk to. The services it offers are completely free and members have the option to change the status from single to couple whenever they start a relationship. is in the group of the 100 free spiritual dating sites that are getting more subscribers recently.

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