Friends With Benefits: Top 10 Online Dating Sites

Friends With Benefits: Top 10 Online Sex Dating Sites

No matter the way you see it, a friends with benefits relationship will always be a friendship; even less than casual dating. Today, sites that are dedicated to FwB would help find people looking for friendship and sex.

Friends with benefits is the term we give to a type of relationship that does not involve love, but sex, occasional touching, and playing with cuddling. There are Friendships with the Benefits of people that are already engaged.

This is what millennials have imposed recently; having a ‘homie’ (an intimate friend), to whom they reveal their secrets, share as though they were a couple, kissing, doing some ass-grabbing, and everything without falling in love.

Where can we find a friend with benefits? Mostly in the street, at work, at school, college, wherever we go. However, many people would feel shame to tell Somebody they would like to have this type of relationship so that online platforms can help a lot.

It is not a good idea to seek a friend with benefits on a dating site designed for serious relationships, yet it is completely possible to find something interesting in this. Take a look at this list and make your choice of the best dating site for friends with benefits.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a hookup platform, and like any hookup site categorized like that, it can be considered a friends with benefits dating site, too.

Adult Friend Finder

The best place for finding friends with benefits on Adult Friend Finder is the chat room. In there, you will find webcam models, but also lots of guys interested in a one-night stand and women over 30 looking for the same thing.

Adult Friend Finder allows interacting with open-minded people who don’t feel intimidated when looking for something different. A hookup date can bring on a friend-with-benefit relationship in the short term.

You won’t find shy members here or users that are not talkative. This is a very straightforward site where people enter for one purpose in mind: meet someone to have sex with. This is one of the benefits that a friend with benefits can give you.

This platform is very organized. It categorized your matches according to the location, age, gender, and interests. It ensures that you find a friend with benefits with the same interests and preferences that appear on your profile. is a hookup site packed with swingers desirous of having a good time. But, what makes you think that a swinger or hooker would want to be your friend with benefits? Read on.

Many of members are really open-minded people, who show their interest in porn, sexual positions, and kinks. It is important to make clear that not all women on Passion are hookers and webcam models.

However, since the majority of girls are just that, swingers, you should be aware that it would be necessary to have some money. The type of girls you would find here, like going out with men who are economically steady.

Probably, the best side of is the age range, which is 30-50, meaning you won’t find insecure women for a friendship with benefits.

On Passion, you will also find women that are economically independent and can share expenses with you at times.

On the other side, you must be honest. Tell your girl that you’re not even seeking casual sex, but a friend you would like to regularly see for some sex, and see how it goes.

NoStringattached is one of those sites in which you would look for a date but in a discreet way. Of course, as its name suggests, there are no strings attached here. People who sign up for this platform are open to a friendship with benefits.

No Strings Attached

NoStringAttached has two elements that make it one of the best places for casual friendships. First, it has millions of members from around the world, which increases the chances of finding people with similar interests.

Apart from that, it is a very user-friendly website. The sign-up process can be done in minutes, and the matchmaking algorithm finds your potential matches seconds after you register.

As the third point, we have that NoStringAttached dot com gives you the possibility to send messages and flirts to other members.

NoStringAttached is a platform that allows interacting with people involved in any kind of activity. So, you might find married guys that are lawyers but would like a friend with benefits that listen to them and satisfy them sexually speaking.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the affair site par excellence on this list. Its popularity is due to the large amount of married guys looking for extra-marital relationships.

Ashley Madison

This makes Ashley Madison an amazing friends with benefits dating app.

In general, AM is like Adult Friend Finder but more discreet. The registration process does not require submitting the real name, photo, or information; instead, it asks you to input another kind of details that may be of interest to users.

On the other side, Ashley Madison focuses on local dating, which is a clear sign that it is a great alternative for finding friendships with benefits. As you may know, it is not possible to have a friend with benefits that lives far off.

As a bonus, it is one of the most populous dating sites of all. It is important to add that Ashley Madison is not intended for finding long-term relationships, but casual dating, hookup, and friends with benefits.

The downside of AM is that it is not free, so if you want to send emails or photos, you’ll have to become a Gold member.


OkCupid is a very popular platform that encourages strong relationships between young people, yet it offers the opportunity to find friendship as well.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

It is evident that finding a friendship with benefits is also possible here because there are many young girls, and it is a fact that not all of them would be interested in a serious relationship. OkCupid is for friendships and long-term relationships.

The problem of OKCupid is that it can be a little confusing. At first, it was used for finding love and marriage, but now people are using it for hookups and FWB despite its tagline. Basically, this can be due to the age of its members.

OkCupid includes a great advanced—search system that allows inputting interests and preferences much better to let others know the inclination towards FWB relationships. On a side note, this is a completely free chat that does not need a Gold membership for chatting.

OkCupid works perfectly without a Gold membership. It allows sending private messages, flirts, and gifts without investing. Its matchmaking algorithm makes things easier; therefore, it is deemed a top friends with benefit dating site free.


Although it is not ranked as one of the safest dating platforms today, POF is always an option for finding long-term relationships and friends with benefits. There are millions of members from around the world, but you need to be extra cautious when using it.

POF Dating sites for teens

Plenty of Fish is free to use, which can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. If you want to keep off scammers, tell them to get on cam, and with that, you get rid of this problem.

Plenty of Fish matchmaking algorithms focuses on compatibility skills and personality traits, which are vital factors for a friendship with benefits. So, it is important to submit real information about the personality to get more accurate results.

Aside from being cost-free, it is also a browsing-friendly site. The sign-up process can be done in minutes, and there are always many people mingling. The search tools that the website provides are intentionally designed for casual daters.

Plenty of Fish is then a platform for finding casual sex but gives the opportunity to find love. In terms of casual dating, a FWB relationship can be defined as casual dating. is a friends with benefits dating site used for everything; casual dating, hookup, and friend with benefits. Admittedly, it is head-to-head with Tinder in the online dating industry today, save for the fact that Tinder works better on small devices. Reviews | 100% Free Trial always keeps updated with new changes and adds-on that improve the experience. The drawback of is probably the time that it may take to complete a profile. However, this is a step you shouldn’t skip if you want to find friends on this site. is designed for long-term relationships rather than casual dating, yet the second alternative opens the door to FWB relationships. The website does not restrict free members from using a good amount of features that are useful for communicating.

Another remarkable point about is how it promotes inclusivity. On, you can find people of a variety of genders, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. While some members can be perverts, others can be more conservative and less talkative.

The sign-up process is easy but requires answering a questionnaire that may take long. The number of matches is currently 12, but this site is always getting updated.


Probably, EHarmony shouldn’t be here, but there are reasons to include it on this list: The age groups on Eharmony make it easy for people of different ages to engage in friend-with-benefit relationships.


How come? eHarmony is believed to have the widest age range of all dating and hookup sites with members from 30 to 64 years old. The majority of its users prefer marriage rather than casual dating, but this is not applicable in all cases.

Eharmony is another platform that sets you answering a long questionnaire when registering. This is good considering that the questionnaire helps the algorithm to find matches. The number of men and women is pretty equitable.

The problem of eHarmony may be in the algorithm. While in other sites, you have the chance to choose your match manually, in this one, the system does the job for you. This may be good sometimes, but it all depends on the perception.

Becoming friends with benefits on eHarmony is a matter of patience. You need to wait for the system to present you a ‘Match’ you don’t consider undateable.

Coffee Meets Bagel 

Of this list, Coffee Meets Bagel stands out as one of the best dating sites for friends with benefits. Its algorithm plays with the Facebook contacts that are registered to the site.

coffee meets bagel

It will never show you people, you don’t know in real life. Coffee Meets Bagel displays members that are easily to meet up at work, school, or in the neighborhood.

This means that if an ex girlfriend /bodyfriend is signed up to this site, you’re likely to see it because the system takes into account people you once had as Facebook friends or you currently have them.

Coffee Meets Bagel then makes you re-encounter with classmates, co-workers, and people you haven’t seen for a long time.

The drawback may be the time they give to reply to messages. But this is not a drawback as such. In the end, all the people you’ll get connected with are individuals you already know in real life.

Some may still be among your Facebook contacts, and others can be contacted further via phone.


Planning to get an FWB on Hinge? It is possible on this friend-with-benefit dating site free.

Hinge Dating

Hinge is very similar to Tinder in many aspects. It is a swiping app but much focused on long-term relationships. Yes, the tagline of this app is actually ‘Designed to be deleted.’ Once you find a match or a date, feel free to delete the app from the smartphone.

But how can I use this love app for finding a friendship with benefits? It is the same thing. Some members may feel discouraged with your proposal, while others could find it fine.

You can use this app, arrange a date with Somebody, and leverage your abilities to turn that data into something more casual. This may not sound correct, but this is how many use this app.

On the other hand, Hinge allows adding extra information to the profile, which is a great chance to let know the expectations. Tell the members what you really are, what you do, but also what you want from the site to prevent issues later.

Another advantage of using Hinge is that it takes Facebook contacts to show matches just like Coffee Meets Bagel does.

Rules of Being Friends With Benefits


1. Choose Somebody trustworthily

Be it a traditional friendship or a friendship with benefits; a friend must be a trustworthy individual. Trust is one of the keys to a friendship to last everlastingly.

You cannot choose a friend with benefits that keeps secrets to himself/herself or reveals yours. A friendship with benefit is a relationship which concentrates on trust, honesty, and confidentiality.

2. Speak about sex

A friendship with benefits without kissing and sex is simply not a friendship with benefits. You guys have to be clear about what you like doing in sex, being straightforward from the beginning,. If you do so, your friendship can prevail even when you get married.

3. Practice Grooming but do it wisely

A friend with benefits is often confused with a significant other because it’s a relationship where people groom each other as if they were in a serious relationship.

Friends with benefits do not base their relationship on sex only, but also self-care and Grooming, especially in the moments when both are alone.

4. Fact check your emotions

This is a soft point many friends with benefits fail to understand.

The point of this type of relationship is to have casual sex without falling in love. Let’s put this much clearer.

A friend with benefits could’ve been your former ‘bestie’, which means you confide a lot to him/her, but the sexual barrier that exists between friends has been broken, causing you to behave as a couple when you are actually involved in a friendship.

Falling in love with your friend with benefits can prompt the relationship to split.

5. Practice Safe Sex—to avoid pregnancy and other problems

This is a rule even for long-term relationships without plans of marriage. So, practice safe sex with your friend with benefits for several reasons.

First, you’re bumping for the hell of fun, not for love. If the girl gets pregnant, the friendship can be destroyed.

Also, the fact that you’re friends with benefits doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex with someone else. In order to prevent diseases, practice safe sex.

Just remember that if she /he humps someone else, your friend doesn’t have to explain anything to you. You’re just friends.

Basically, use condoms to avoid pregnancy.

6. Open your heart For New Relationships.

If you’re just friends, you should be open to new relationships.

You can stay with your friend with benefits for years, but this doesn’t mean you cannot date someone else, start a relationship, and get married. Fair is Fair.

7. Don’t Have Sleepovers so often.

You certainly can have sleepovers, but try not to do it so much.

The reason lies in the fact that one of you can fall in love or feel something deeper, and this can generate problems.

So, try to side-step this and preferably go out with your friend with benefits once or twice a week for sex.

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